In today’s digital age, Facebook Shops offers businesses a unique opportunity to expand their reach and enhance their online presence. This tool lets entrepreneurs showcase and sell their products directly on Facebook, transforming their pages into mini-e-commerce platforms. If you’ve been wondering, “How do I create a shop on my Facebook page?”, “Is creating a Facebook shop free?”, or “Can I create a Facebook shop without a website?”, you’re in the right place. This article will address these questions and walk you through setting up your own Facebook Shop.

Introduction to Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops is a feature that allows businesses to set up a single online storefront accessible across both Facebook and Instagram. This means that customers can discover, browse, and buy products directly from a business’s Facebook or Instagram profile.

To Set Up Your Shop

Step 1 

Next, go to the Create your shop page page.

If you already sell on Shopify, BigCommerce, or another partner platform, you can import and sync your products to start your shop. To complete setup, click Sync a partner platform on the right-hand side and follow the link to your partner website.

You may be required to select a method of payment. Next, click.

Choose your Page or build a new one if you wish to sell on a Facebook business Page. Select your Instagram business account if you wish to sell on Instagram. Next, click.

Step 2

Choose an existing business account or create a new one. Next, click.

Step 3

Choose the catalog you wish to utilize for your shop and then click Next. To choose a catalog, it must meet the standards for shop catalog eligibility. This catalog cannot be changed afterwards.

Step 4

This step will not be seen if you do not already have a catalogue. We’ll automatically build a catalog in Commerce Manager called “Items for (name and ID of your Page)”. When you’ve completed setting up your shop, you can add your things later.

Step 5

Examine your shop’s details, review and accept the Seller Agreement, and then click Finish setup.

Step 6

You have now completed the creation of your shop. Following that, you should:

Manage your catalog to include any products you want to sell. By default, all products from your catalog are included in your shop, but you can choose which things show.

Make a selection of things that you want to sell in your shop.

  • Change the design and feel of your store.
  • Make your shop public. People will be able to visit your shop once we have examined and approved your collections.
  • Shop Pay by Shopify will be enabled immediately if you create a shop with checkout. You can disable Shop Pay at any time if you do not want your customers to use it.
Benefits of Using Facebook Shops

Increased Visibility: With billions of users on Facebook, having a shop increases your brand’s visibility and reach.

Direct Communication: Engage with your customers through comments, likes, and direct messages, building a closer relationship with them.

Seamless Shopping Experience: Allow users to browse and buy without ever leaving the Facebook platform.

Easy Steps to Create Shop

How Do I Create a Shop on My Facebook Page?

Setting up your shop involves several easy steps:

Go to Your Facebook Page: Make sure you have an active business page.

  1. Click on the ‘Shop’ Tab: If you can’t see it, you might need to add it via the ‘Settings’ -> ‘Templates and Tabs’ section.
  2. Configure Your Shop Details: Follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll be prompted to select a payment method, provide shipping details, and return policies.
  3. Add Products: Upload quality images, set prices, and write compelling descriptions.
  4. Organize with Collections: Group similar products to make it easier for customers to browse.
  5. Submit for Review: Facebook will review your shop to ensure it meets their guidelines.
Is Creating a Facebook Shop Free?


Yes, setting up and running a Facebook Shop is free. However, there might be associated costs, such as transaction fees if you use Facebook’s native checkout feature or costs related to third-party ecommerce integrations.

Can I Create a Facebook Shop Without a Website?

Absolutely! While having an external e-commerce website can offer additional avenues for sales and traffic, it’s not a prerequisite for setting up a Facebook Shop. You can manage your inventory, track sales, and engage with customers all from your Facebook business page. This makes it ideal for businesses just starting out or those looking for a more streamlined online sales approach.

Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Shop Experience

Use High-Quality Images: Clear, high-resolution product images can significantly impact sales.

Write Engaging Descriptions: Informative and engaging product descriptions can help customers make informed decisions.

Leverage Customer Reviews: Positive reviews can enhance your shop’s credibility.

Engage with Your Audience: Reply to comments, messages, and reviews promptly to foster trust.

Promote Your Shop: Use Facebook ads, share posts regularly about new products, or offer promotions to drive traffic.


Facebook Shops offers businesses a fantastic platform to showcase their products and drive sales. By understanding its features and utilizing best practices, businesses can effectively reach and engage their target audience, making the most of this powerful tool. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce veteran or just starting out, Facebook Shops is an invaluable resource in the digital marketplace.


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